Our original popping games!

Pop n' Play Anywhere with Go PoP! Enjoy the tactile sense of infinite bubbles popping while engaging your mind in a light and fun logic game! Join the craze and collect them all!

Go Pop! Jumbo Rainbow

Enjoy endless popping with this 9 inch bubble popper!

Go Pop! Jumbo Tie Dye

The Go Pop! Jumbo has 93 bubbles to pop for endless fun!

LIMITED EDITION - Go PoP! Roundo Holiday

Play Go PoP! Roundo Holiday for some merry popping!

Go PoP! Presto

Based on Go PoP! Race to pop the bubbles and tap the Bubblo Squishy to win cards!

Go PoP! Roundo

Go PoP! Roundo is the original logic fidget game you won’t be able to let go of.

Go PoP! Quadro

Play solo or with a friend with Go Pop! Quadro. It has more bubbles to pop and more games to play!

Go PoP! Hexo

Play solo or with a friend with Go Pop! Hexo. Offers a unique design and gameplay!

Go PoP! Mini

Play anytime, anywhere with Go PoP! Mini. This miniature keychain Go PoP! has no pieces to lose!

Go PoP! Colorio

Go PoP! Colorio is a soothing, tactile toy combined with a simple logic game to play and learn.

Collect our Special Editions!


Special Edition 01 - Each disc has unique colors!

Go PoP! - GLOW

Special Edition 11 - Glows in the Dark

Go PoP! - UV

Special Edition 21 - Changes Colors In the Sun

Go PoP! Glitter

Special Edition 31 - Pink Glitter Sparkle

Go PoP! Glitter

Special Edition 32 - Turquoise Glitter Sparkle

Go PoP! Glitter

Special Edition 33 - Purple Glitter Sparkle

Go PoP! Hexo Frosty

Special Edition 34 - Silver Glitter Sparkle

Go PoP! Quadro Rainbow

Special Edition 41 - Rainbow colors

GoPoP! Quadro UV

Special Edition 22 - Changes Colors In the Sun

GoPoP! Quadro Camouflage

Special Edition 3 - Camouflage Pattern

GoPoP! Hexo UV

Special Edition 23 - Changes Colors In the Sun

Join the Tik Tok Phenomenon

Pop Non Stop! and play Go PoP! Like thousands of Tik Tokers!

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2 Million


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The buzz

A case in point is Last One Lost and Pop It! – a worldwide phenomenon the company originally launched in 2013, which has since garnered over 500 million views on TikTok and sold millions of products around the world. This is the product that has turned math teachers into mega influencers on social media.

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— The Bloom Report

On the Power Kid podcast show, FoxMind’s president David Capon discusses the invention of Go Pop! and the massive trend of poppable fidget toys that FoxMind Games is currently in the midst of. Additionally, Albritton and Capon discuss the critical components of creating games that stimulate the mind and why they work so well in the market.

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Our Story

In 2008, FoxMind received a crude prototype of a triangular object containing rubber bubbles. Its inventors, Theo and Ora Coster, had been unsuccessfully trying since 1975 to convince large toy manufacturers to produce it. This rubber game generated no interest despite the couples’ long history of inventing highly successful classics such as Guess Who? and Zingo.

In 2013, FoxMind launched the circular bubble-popping game under the brand ‘Last Mouse Lost’. In 2014, it created a square version called ‘Go Bong!’ with new ways to play. In 2019, FoxMind signed an agreement to introduce the game under an exclusive brand – ‘Pop It!’ at Target. It was an instant hit!

In 2020, FoxMind introduced several new forms and materials under the Go POP umbrella brand. All forms permitted the play of Last One Lost and other games our team came up with involving bubble popping mechanics. Each game offers – you guessed it – Smart & Fun playtime.

At FoxMind, our motto is, Smarter Fun. This reflects our dedication to creating fun, clever games that are easy to learn and play, making the Coster’s concept a perfect fit. It is a deceptively simple logic game in which players take turns popping any number of bubbles on a single row – the player that pops the last bubble loses.

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