FoxMind Group and its division (FoxMind Canada Enterprises LTD.) are aware of the need to protect the Personal Information that Customers provide to FoxMind when Customers use the Site and log into their ‘’Customer’’ or ‘’Retailer’’ account.


Scope and application

The purpose of the Policy is to inform Customers how FoxMind collects, uses, discloses, retains and protects Personal Information provided by its Customers when they visit one of our Sites; or register for our account program and in the context of their interactions in Establishments. The Policy applies to FoxMind’s activities in Quebec, Ontario and the US, including activities on the Site, collect, use or disclose Personal Information about its Customers.


Collection of Personal Information

FoxMind collects Personal Information from a variety of sources, including directly from Customers, from its Site, from other sources or through various technologies used in its Establishment.


Purposes of Personal Information Collection

FoxMind identifies the purposes for which Personal Information is collected prior to Collection and limits Collection to that which is necessary for the identified purposes.


Limits to the Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

FoxMind uses and discloses Personal Information for the purposes identified at the time of Collection or as permitted or required by applicable law. FoxMind does not use or disclose Personal Information for purposes other than those for which it was collected, except with the Customer’s consent or as permitted by law.



FoxMind will obtain the Customer’s Consent at the time of Collection of the Personal Information, subject
to exceptions provided by law, that exempt FoxMind from notifying or obtaining the Consent of persons
concerned by the Collection, Use or Disclosure.

FoxMind will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the Customer is duly advised, before consenting to the Collection of Personal Information, of the purposes for which the Personal Information will be used or disclosed.

For the purposes of the Policy, the purchase of products or the use of services, the Site and the account creation offered by FoxMind, constitutes implicit Consent to the Collection, Use and Disclosure of relevant Personal Information, for the purposes identified by FoxMind.

When the Customer submits Personal Information to FoxMind, through a Site, by telephone, e-mail, in person or by any other means, the Customer consents to the Collection, Disclosure and Use of Personal Information in accordance with the terms of the Policy.

Customers may withdraw their consent at any time, subject to the legal or contractual restrictions. A withdrawal of Consent may affect the optimization or availability of the program offered by FoxMind.


Personal Information Sharing

FoxMind does not sell the Personal Information from their Customers’ personal information to any person or organisation.

In some cases, FoxMind may disclose and communicate Personal Information about a Customer to another FoxMind division, to Third Parties, to service providers and partners, without the Customer’s knowledge or consent, where permitted by law.

To the extent that FoxMind discloses Personal Information to third parties and service providers, such providers act as subcontractors of FoxMind and use such information only in the performance of their mandate or contract.

FoxMind uses contractual means and other measures to ensure that Personal Information about a Customer is used for specific purposes to render the required services and will not be retained after a reasonable period of time following the expiration of their mandate or contract.


Privacy Safeguards

FoxMind will take reasonable steps to protect Personal Information from loss or theft, unauthorized access, Disclosure, copying, Use, modification, destruction and other breaches of security.

Only persons authorized by FoxMind and whose duties so require for a specific purpose shall have access to Personal Information, and they must respect the confidentiality of said information.


Personal Information Retention

FoxMind retains Personal Information only as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or as required by law.

As permitted by law, FoxMind reserves the right to destroy or anonymize Personal Information to use it for serious and legitimate purposes. Personal Information shall be anonymized according to generally accepted practices and the criteria and terms determined by laws and regulations.

As a general rule, Personal Information is stored by FoxMind in Canada. If Personal Information must be communicated and processed outside Quebec and Canada for the purpose of providing services, FoxMind ensures that the necessary safeguards are in place to protect Customer Personal Information.


Personal Information Management Program

FoxMind has developed various directives and practices for the effective application of its Personal Information management program including the implementation of procedures to protect Personal Information and ensure compliance with the Policy regarding to the retention, destruction, information security and data governance; procedures for receiving and handling inquiries and complaints, conducting privacy impact assessments and the prevention of and potential response to privacy incidents.


Right of access, Rectification and other rights

Customers are responsible for updating their Personal Information by contacting FoxMind as soon as possible after any change.

The Customer shall be entitled to contest the accuracy and completeness of the information and request that any necessary corrections be made.

Customers have the right to access the Personal Information that FoxMind holds about them except where the law permits the refusal of access in whole or in part depending on the circumstances.


Privacy Officer

FoxMind is responsible for Personal Information in its possession or custody, including Personal Information entrusted to a Third Party for processing.

FoxMind is responsible for ensuring compliance with and application of the Policy and providing any Customer with the necessary support in the event of question, complaint or request relating to the protection of Personal Information.


Questions, comments and complaints

All comments, questions, concerns or complaints regarding your Personal Information, the Policy or our privacy practices should be addressed at the following coordinates:


Activities in Canada and the USA:

by mail:
FoxMind Canada Entreprises LTD.
Attention: Access to Documents and Privacy Officer
5530 St-Patrick street, suite 1104, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4E 1A8
by e-mail:


Links to Sites

FoxMind is not responsible for the content, access and privacy practices of other Internet sites not owned or controlled by FoxMind but that are accessible through links or hyperlinks from the FoxMind Site.


Updating the Policy

The Policy may be modified at any time at FoxMind’s sole discretion without prior notice. Effective date of the Policy: September 22, 2023. Last modification of the Policy: April 26, 2024.