Board Games to Kickstart Your School Year

October 20, 2023

While getting back into the school routine can be challenging, it doesn’t have to be boring with these amazing board games!

One great way to ease into the school mindset is by engaging in board games specifically designed to boost your critical thinking, rezoning and problem-solving. In this article, we’ll explore some entertaining and educational board games that will help your kids get back in the groove and prepare for a successful school year.


Memo Rush : Get your memory racing for the right characters in this game full of emotions! Players simultaneously tap cards matching either a character or one of 6 emotions. Memo Rush improves visual perception, memory and emotion recognition.

Chocoly, Winner of the Mom’s Choice Award and Toy Insider Award :  Build the largest area of your favorite kind of chocolate bar by connecting chocolate tiles and by blocking your opponents! Plan your moves ahead and outsmart the other players for a sweet victory! Players will ask for second servings of this yummy game of logic.

Architecto : Players build 3D models based on illustrations in perspective. From simple shapes to complex structures, players develop stronger notions of geometric concepts and 3D visualisation. While providing solid educational skills, it’s also captivating and exciting!

Equilibrio : Players will need dexterity, ingenuity and perseverance to succeed in building the amazing vertical structures featured in Equilibrio. Some structures may seem almost impossible to do, but careful planning and persistence will always be rewarded with the satisfaction of completing the challenge.

By The Book Winner of the Toy Insider Award : Put together a perfectly balanced bookshelf for our furry friend using a good dose of reasoning and sharp visual perception. 40 gradually progressing challenges using up to 12 different books will keep you on your toes.


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