Top 5 Summer Games From FoxMind

July 8, 2022

FoxMind brings you 5 perfect summer games that are easy to carry and fun for all ages!

July has finally arrived! Despite the many sunny days spent by the pool or in the parks, sometimes it is difficult to occupy our youngest. So here are our top 5 summer games!

  1. Slam Words : The fastest word search game. Part of the Slam Dice™ line of games. Shake the cup, close it and reveal 3 letters. Quickly find a word that uses these 3 letters and pass the goblet to the next player who must find a new word. An ideal game for travel.portable game, word game, educational

  2. Sports Dice Soccer : An action-packed, portable, easy-to-learn and quick-to-play dice game in which players experience all the excitement of a real soccer game. Roll your dice and kick the ball into the opponent’s net to score a goal! The first player with 3 points wins the game.

  3. Go PoP! Colorio : A soothing tactile toy combined with a simple and ingenious logic game. It is designed to stimulate children’s senses and skills. Easy to clean and no parts that can be lost. Plus, inside the box you’ll find a fun activity guide!

  4. Figure It : Uncover your hidden number streak first to win! Each player receives a set of numbered tiles which are visible to opposing players. It’s your turn to name a number to solve your secret code! Use your sense of deduction in this captivating game for the whole family! Come with a carry bag for the tiles!

  5. Jungle Speed ​​Beach : With water-resistant cards and vacation-friendly gear, you can now take your Jungle Speed ​​out between swims. Be the fastest to spot similar symbols between two cards and grab the blue totem! Beware of pretense, otherwise you will pick up other players’ cards!

We hope these summer games will bring laughter and joy to your families! Don’t forget to tag us on Social Media when you’re sharing these family moments 🙂


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