Halloween Games for a Spooky Night

October 25, 2022

Halloween is in less then one week! Check out these spooky (but also not so spooky) games to play with your friends and family over the weekend!


  1. The Potion : An epic encounter between the world’s savviest alchemists is drawing universal attention. Each alchemist starts with the same basic ingredients; rare mushrooms, secret liquid vials and poisonous beetles. In a match of wit and bluff they compete to get rid of their ingredients and control the final potion. Closely watching each other’s move and expression, will you prevail in this unique and original game of deception?
  2. Quirkies : A quick, fun and captivating game for 2-4 players. Quirkies are strange little creatures that communicate with each other through colors and patterns. Each creature card is characterized by a unique combination of color and a pattern. Players compete to create sets that respect certain commonalities among the creatures. The game develops reasoning and visual perception skills and can be played anywhere.
  3. Kabammm! : Elevate your reflexes and visual perception to superhero level when playing Kabammm! Get rid of your cards quickly by matching icons and take advantage of powerful combo moves! The more you play Kabammm! the faster you will become.


Happy Halloween! Stay safe and eat all the candies! 


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