Best 2 Players Games from FoxMind, Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

December 7, 2022

Here are five beautiful 2 player games to offer to the lucky person in your life!

  1. Chocoly : What’s more romantic than a box of chocolate on Valentine’s day? The quick answer is nothing! In Chocoly, players lay chocolate tiles to build the largest area of their favourite kind of Chocolate bar for a sweet victory! They need to choose their tiles wisely as their opponents will stack chocolate tiles to take over their own flavour. Easy to play with eco-friendly components, Chocoly will get players asking for second servings of this yummy game of logic.
  2. Match Madness Duo : Following up to one of FoxMind’s greatest success here comes Match Madness Duo. Duo is a matching game for fast thinkers! Be quick to recreate a pattern on a card with your set of 5 blocks! Perfect dual fun for up to 2 players. The game includes 60 challenges with 3 levels of difficulty.
  3. Kulami : This beautiful abstract strategy game will appeal to casual players and avid gamers! Ten wooden tiles are arranged to form an ever-changing board on which opponents compete to capture the largest number of tiles. By placing their marbles cleverly, players can limit their adversary’s possible moves and gain the advantage to clinch the victory.
  4. Speedy Words Twist : This smart, fun and quick game can be played by two players but also enjoyed with a bigger group. Speedy Words fans will get to play their favorite word game again with a TWIST! Quickly come up with words that start with a given letter and that represent a certain category. Find words of the opposite category with the TWIST version of the game. So, who will have the FIRST word?
  5. Go PoP! Mini Hearts : Give your heart to someone you love, literally… Get them a Go Pop Mini Heart shape!  Available in three glittery colors this will be the hit of the season!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 



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