Tricky Tower, Archelino and Marble Monster

Tricky Tower, Archelino and Marble Monster


This year, FoxMind has the chance to offer to the Canadian market three new educational 1-player games. Multilingual, they come from Huch & Friends in Germany and they are all available now in stores.


1-player logic game, Tricky Tower offers to children from four years 40 progressive puzzles. The game has a construction theme and its bright color pieces, mostly cylinder-shaped, are all in wood. In Tricky Tower, you need to put the pieces requested one over the other, in order to see their colors in the same order that the puzzle shows. Where it gets tricky is that the pieces have different sizes, sometimes have two colors and some can even fit into some others! You must therefore use your brain... and hide here, show that part there and flip over this one to get a perfect tower, with the colors of the victory.
These friendly challenges have a nice learning curve, to delight young minds and even, older ones.

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1-player logic game as well, Archelino offers 60 progressive puzzles for kids from four years old. From the very firsts puzzles, Archelino introduces simple logic concepts to the youngest. At first, you need to put the animals into Noah's ark by replicating the clues. Very easy, yes, but we will understand that animals have to be placed in a certain way, a principle that we will need to apply later in the game, when the clues become harder. Actually, the more we advance into the game, the more the puzzles are difficult, offering real challenges.
All in wood, Archelino pieces are adorable and fun to handle. The game will certainly arise the curiosity of children at all levels.

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This other logic 1-player game is for seven years and up. A bit more difficult than the first two, it offers 60 excellent progressive challenges in a convenient storage box. The goal is simple, but from puzzles to puzzles, the path that the little green monster has to take becomes increasingly difficult to find. A game of trial and error and visualization, where the brain will get steel muscles while finding the right way to go. As you play directly on the storage case, Marble Monster is the perfect game for the car. As long as there is no bickering, otherwise, it will take two.

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