Brand new website

Brand new website


FoxMind is proud to introduce its completely redesigned website, brilliantly made by Spektrum Media. Visually more appealing and taking advantage of the newest web design technologies, the new site is more intuitive, better organized and more socially connected. You can check out the newly launched games or simply get re-acquainted with the classics.

So, "What's on your mind?"  Are you up for a logic puzzle, or do you feel like finding a cool new strategy game? Or maybe you're looking for some light fun with family and friends? FoxMind games will fit every mood!

Get the full scoop on FoxMind games

Each game has its own dedicated page, where you will find a large photo and can obtain additional information about the game in question. You can download the rules or watch a video. Naturally, you will also be able to share your favourite games through the most popular social media sites.

Want to buy a game? The store locator will point you to the nearest quality retailers in the U.S. and Canada that carry FoxMind games.

More information, more often

The new site is just one more way FoxMind keeps in close contact with its customers and fans. Take a look at the News section, and also join the Facebook and Twitter pages to keep informed about what's new and exciting. More to come!