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About Foxmind

The fox plays an important role in a number of societies' folklore and mythologies. It is frequently characterized by intelligence, cunningness and beauty.

Created in 2000 with the fox in mind, FoxMind launched its first two games; Squad 7 and Crazy Circus. Squad 7, a highly original game, was awarded upon its launch the Game of the Year prize in France. This helped to pave the way onto stores shelves and into playrooms around the world.

In 2003, FoxMind established a foothold in Canada, with the aim of offering the North American market games that embodied its philosophy - games that are easy to learn, quick to play, smart and fun.

Today, FoxMind continues to publish and distribute family and educational games internationally. With numerous international prizes already on its mantle, FoxMind is the favorite of parents, teachers and fans around the world.

FoxMind has recently ventured into the dynamic arena of electronic games, with its first offerings for the iPhone and the iPad already available.

About our games

FoxMind focuses on developing reasoning skills, verbal expression, creativity and strategic thinking.

The line consists of educational games, logic puzzles, spatial visualization, strategy and party games for the whole family.